The aim of the Erasmus+ project EdUSchool (Enhancing European teacher education through University schools) is to develop a common European understanding of university schools and their concepts regarding to all stakeholders. With this, we want make a significant contribution to the European teacher education system. The professionalization of teacher education is a widely discussed phenomenon in Europe, especially the transfer from theory into practice and vice versa. The main focus is how to provide students with practical skills and knowledge during their professional education, which has led to a current ‘practice turn’ in teacher education. Therefore, a cooperation between schools, university and other stakeholders (e.g. local government, ministry, teacher organizations) on the organizational level is needed

In detail, our objectives in EdUSchool are:

  • Establishing an European understanding of university schools as an important stimulus for the future of teacher education in Europe
  • Identifying success factors for implementing university schools related  to different stakeholders (i.e. non-governmental institutions)
  • Identifying good practice activities of university schools in Europe to develop an orientation knowledge for teacher educators and teachers at university schools  in a digital handbook
  • Development of an educational module for teachers at university schools

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